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Dinah, alternatively Diana or Dyna, may refer to the third of five princesses that appear in the arc The Underground Empire of Yomi, and adaptations sourcing from it.


  • Due to the difficulty in translating some foreign loanwords and names into katakana (especially around the time of the '60s), it has been debated if Ishinomori intended for her name to actually be "Dinah" or if he could have meant for the katakana to actually represent "Diana" (which would be ダイアナ ). This would give all five sisters a Greco-Roman naming scheme, if assuming that "Vena" was intended to be "Venus". In the Italian translation of the manga, her name is given as "Dyna", a Greek name meaning "power".
  • The English dub of the anime appeared to have pronunciation trouble with her name, referring to her as "Deena" at some points but "Dinah" at others. The Spanish-language dub aired in Latin American countries settled on using "Deena" as her name.