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Daphne CS

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The Yomi Kingdom




Princess of the Underground Empire




Yuki Masuda

English VA

Mari Devon (credited as "Jane Alan")

Daphne is the youngest of the five princesses of the Yomi Kingdom, appearing in the last in-continuity arc of the series Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. She first appears in episode 45.


Daphne is differentiated from the other four sisters via her tiara having a deep purple gem in the center, and her eyes being a deep red shade. As she remains in the kingdom, she wears a white cloak and gown as part of her royal outfit.

Like the others, she has short, red-orange hair worn spiked up, and her eyes lack visible pupils and sclerae.


She is shown to be the most insecure of the five sisters, being deeply traumatized by what the Zattan have put their species through. This leads her to being afraid of their plans failing, and she winds up acting as a double-agent, leaking information to Van Vogt.

After she's caught by Dinah and Aphro, she winds up realizing how she's endangered Vena and the 00 team, and sets about to free Dr. Gilmore and the captured cyborgs to atone for her betrayal. In doing so, she believes that she'll became brave like Vena.




Puawaksisters 2000

Pu'Awak sisters' beta designs.

  • The plot point of Daphne acting as a mole was loosely based off of an element of the manga where Dinah was the one seen the most with Van Vogt and acting as a link between him and Vena. In Daphne's case, this was done to show her as betraying her sisters and then having to atone for it, while Dinah in the manga was passing information to him as part of Vena's plan.
  • Animation errors in episode 47 depict Daphne's eyes as black, as in the case of her manga self. This happens with the other sisters as well.
  • In the 2000 development trailer by Naoyuki Konno, early designs of two Pu'Awak sisters were shown, with them possibly being Aphro and Daphne due to the way that the girls were introduced in the manga. In Konno's original take, the black eyes from the manga were retained, while their tiaras completely consisted of blue and green gems (as opposed to only the center gem being colored as in the final anime designs).