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Cynthia may refer to a minor one-shot character that appeared in the side-story "The Aurora Strategy", and her various incarnations, although some may exist under somewhat different names depending on the adaptation.

  • Cynthia Dolphin (Manga)
  • Shizue Kozumi (1968 TV series)
    • While the character had been renamed "Cynthia" by this point (see Notes below), the name is given to her mother instead.
  • Cynthia Findor (2001 series)
  • Cynthia Dolphin (009 vs. Devilman) (Prequel light novel, "Treacheries: The Traitors")


  • The first printing of "The Aurora Stategy" in Separate Shonen King had referred to this character as "Iruka Dolphin". When the story was reprinted for the Sunday Comics tankoban edition, Iruka's name was altered to be "Cynthia", to remove possible redundancy (as "Iruka" is Japanese for "Dolphin"). Despite this, the Shotaro World and MF Comics reprints of the 009 manga reverted her name back to "Iruka" briefly, as the editor opted to go with Ishinomori's original choice, although the other alterations in the script and artwork had remained. The English-language edition by Tokyopop sourced off the MF Comics' printing, and so she appears as "Iruka" in that translation. The French and Italian translations source off the more recent Complete Works reprint by Kadokawa, which changed her name back to "Cynthia".
  • Cynthia's surname in the 2001 "Cyborg Soldier" series was altered, presumably to come off less silly. The resulting name change to "Findor"/"Findol" is an anagram of "dolphin" (dorufin), although the English dub translated it more literally to "Findoru".