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Cyborg 009 is an action-adventure platformer/shoot' em up that was released for the Super Famicom on February 9, 1994 by Interbec. (30 years after the release of the original manga)


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Players can select 3 of 8 cyborgs per mission and rotate through them to clear certain areas in the levels. Players use their Supergun, jumping and cyborg abilities to navigate and clear each level. However, the cyborg abilities are limited by an energy gauge and must be used wisely to clear each stage. The HP can only be replenished by special power-ups hidden throughout the levels and the SP gauges replenish slowly or by a power-up.

Each cyborg's powers help advance players through the stages:

009: Super-speed to evade attacks and outrun obstacles.
008: Able to swim in the water to get past certain areas.
007: Can copy the form of enemies
006: Fire Breath can be used to destroy certain objects or use as a ranged attack.
005: Can smash walls that obstruct the players path.
004: Uses his guns and rocket launcher to take out enemies
003: Uses her super senses to guide the player through dark rooms and caverns.
002: Uses his flight power to obtain hard to reach power ups and navigate certain areas.

001 is an NPC in this game.

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