Cyborg 009 Wiki

Plans for a live-action Hollywood Cyborg 009 film have been on and off since 2005[1], when Michael Uslan's Comic Book Movies had first acquired the rights.

Comic Book Movies Deal (2005-2008)[]

In the earliest plans, the movie was to be a joint venture between Comic Book Movies, ITOCHU Corp., and Ishimori Entertainment (a branch of Ishimori Productions established the previous year). Other live-action Ishinomori properties were also considered, as part of the deal[2]. F.J. DeSanto, who would later write the graphic novel adaptation of 009 for Archaia, had been the senior vice-president of Development and Production, involved with adapting the properties[3].

The Cyborg 009 film was slated to go into pre-production at some point in 2006, with a projected release for 2008, but news would die down soon after. Comic Book Movies would then be involved with a Western-animated film adaptation of the property in late 2008, but this too would fall through

Revival of Interest (2009-2013)[]

In November 2009, Nikkei News would report that Ishimori Productions had drafted an agreement with an unspecified major Hollywood motion picture company to adapt Cyborg 009, for a 2012 release [4]. Comic Book Movies was no longer part of the deal, though they were mentioned as having been the company behind the first attempt.

However, this plan also seemed to get nowhere and the project died down. By 2012, with the announcement of the deal between IshimoriPro and Archaia Entertainment, F.J. DeSanto announced that there were plans for a live-action film, and that he would be writing the screenplay. The company producing the film was not mentioned.

As the partnership between IshimoriPro and Archaia has stalled due to "cultural issues" and factors related to Cyborg 009 and other Ishinomori properties not being high sellers in the USA, the status of the film deal (and IshimoriPro's agreement with the company producing it) remains unclear.