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Cyborg 009: The Block Kuzushi

Simple Character 2000 Series Vol. 15 - Cyborg 009: The Block Kuzushi (サイボーグ009 THE ブロックくずし? lit. "Cyborg 009: The Block Destruction") is a 2002 video game for the original PlayStation. It is the 15th game from the Simple Character 2000 Series, a group of affordable games published by D3 Publisher and having varying developers, this game being developed by Access.


The gameplay is a minor variation of the classic Atari game Breakout. Players select a Cyborg and then go to a map screen and select which level they would like to play. In each level, players must clear all the blocks, getting a certain number of combos to fill their combo energy gauge. If the player fills the energy gauge, the cyborg they selected can activate a special power up which they can use to destroy more blocks.

Each cyborg has a specific power up:

  • 005: 005 appears on screen and uses his flame breath to destroy blocks

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