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Cyborg 008 is the code name for Pyunma, an African aquatic cyborg of the 00 series cyborgs. His earlier appearances depicted him with a stereotypical black-face appearance, due to lack of knowledge of the design's unfortunate implications outside Japan. Since 1980, he has been depicted in a less caricatured manner. 

His incarnations are below. 


  • Pyunma's home country was never stated in the manga until the final publication in 1992, which revealed it as Kenya. Prior to this, his home was always an ambiguous location in Africa, to where only "Africa" would be listed (and still is in many official IshimoriPro materials). Pyunma also tended to be seen in different parts of Africa in some stories, though Tanzania and Kenya were popular guesses for his country early on due to contextual clues.
    • The 1968 and 1979 incarnations of Pyunma are stated to be from Kenya in supplemental materials or details within an episode. Incarnations past them tend to either have their home country left ambiguous, or have it changed, such as the "Cyborg Soldier" version living in the fictional Muamba Republic while the Archaia graphic novel has him based in Côte d’Ivoire. However, the OVA of 009 vs. Devilman marked the return of Kenya as the setting for his home country.