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Cyborg 0013 is the final cyborg of the 00 series by Black Ghost. Among his appearances in the media he appears in, he is well known for being silent without his cybernetics, as well as the only cyborg assassin that became friends with his target.


  • While never officially given a name besides his 00 number, the name "Tsutomu" is sometimes used as a placeholder for other incarnations of the character due to its usage in the 1979 series, as well as one of Joe's orphanage friends mentioned in ep.8 bearing the name (which some assume to be him).
  • 0013's design was sourced from a mute telepathic character named Gon in the 1963 Ishinomori one-shot story Super Men. His design would then be re-used for the character of Gen in the fourth chapter of Mutant Sabu.