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Cyborg 0012 is the codename of another Black Ghost assassin cyborg. She is the "living mansion" cyborg; being a mansion telepathically operated by a woman's brain and able to create various deathtraps.


  • 0012 was only ever glimpsed as a disembodied brain in the manga, although the 1993 Mega-CD side-scroller was first to give her a physical appearance in the form of a feminine demonic creature (as one of the forms that she was able to take to fight Joe). Her 2001 anime design appears to be loosely sourced from the Romy Lorelei character from the manga.
  • The Tokyopop translation misgenders 0012 by referring to her with male pronouns, although this may be due to the fact that she has no physical appearance. However, one line where she was pointedly referred to as an "unreasonable woman" by 007 was altered to have him instead comment "Me mum laughed like that" (about 0012's annoying laughter.