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This page is for the characters with the code name 0010. They are best known as a pair of twins sent by Black Ghost to kill their renegade predecessors.


  • These characters are absent from all animated adaptations except the 2001 "Cyborg Soldier" series, although the two were loosely adapted into a pair of similar twins in Cyborg 009 Monster Wars, "Cyborg 0011 Plus" and "Cyborg 0011 Minus", due to Helena becoming Cyborg 0010.
  • An alternative 0010 appears in the Cyborg 009: SF Roman light novel by Akiyoshi Sakai. Though he does not appear in illustrations, he is described as having heat powers and being Helena's brother, making him the novel's counterpart to Apollo. The twins appear in the role of "Cyborg 0011", as they had in Monster Wars.