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The Blessed are a mysterious race of seemingly immortal humans with superhuman abilities who control the world from the shadows. They are the main antagonists of the 2016 film Cyborg 009: Call of Justice.


  • Emperor- An egotistical 3,000 year old man with a god complex, Emperor has the power to copy and retain the abilities of other Blessed members. He is the leader of the rogue faction of the Blessed who wish to harm humanity.
  • Arnold Knox - Codenamed "The Cowboy". Mr. Knox is the wealthiest man in Texas and possesses advanced aerokinesis, cryokinesis, and the ability to create and control storms and lightning bolts.
  • Edward Higgins: Codenamed "The Teacher". A telepathic psychic who can solidify air molecules into constructs such as a giant hand or barriers. The Teacher can also create powerful gravity distortions that can crush an opponent.
  • Catalina Canetti - Codenamed "Linker". A rogue member of the Blessed who joins the Cyborgs to stop the mad scheme of her leader. She possesses the ability to telepathically link with multiple minds simultaneously to gain information or relay it to another person.
  • Steven Archimedes - Codenamed "The Professor". His was a brilliant scientist who went missing 20 years ago. He has a superhuman brain that can generate rapid calculations at a rate a normal human brain cannot process and can control machines remotely.


  • According to the notes of Dr. Davenport, one possible member of the Blessed was Thomas Edison.
    A Blessed Inventor?

    A photo of Thomas Edison in Dr. Davenport's notebook