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A Deadly bee weapon

Bee Drones are robotic weapons developed by Black Ghost. They were used to try to assassinate the 00 Cyborgs in the 13th episode of Cyborg 009:The Cyborg Soldier, London Fogs

Their design is based off of a honey bee.


Bee Drones are yellow and black orbs with stingers on the front end, transparent wings on top and six stubby legs on the bottom.


The Bee Drones are equipped with high speed wings for flight, high powered explosives which detonate upon hitting a target and stingers that presumably are meant to injure or kill their target before they detonate. They also seem to possess a hive mind, as they follow the movements of other drones. That feature was its biggest design flaw, as anyone who captures one can use it as a lure to destroy the others easily.


In London, 003 detected a strange sound and reported it back to the others. The drones appeared later that evening and launched thier first attack, trying to asassinate 007 on his way home from the bar with Rosa's friend Phillip by detonating Phillip's car. They missed 007 but Phillip was badly injured.

The next day, the team were stationed at the theater where 007 was performing and tried to draw away the drones, only to be overwhelmed by the swarm. 005 then used quick thinking to come up with a plan. 005 was able capture one of the drones and use their hive mind guidance system to lure the robotic menaces into an oil refinery. The 00 cyborgs then used the Needle setting on their Super Guns to puncture the tanks and 006 used his flame breath to ignite the oil, destroying all of the Bee Drones.