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Arnold Knox 2

Arnold Knox is a member of the Blessed, codenamed "The Cowboy" by his comrades. He is one of the antagonists of the film Cyborg 009: Call of Justice.


Arnold Knox wears a stereotypical cowboy outfit with a tan ten gallon hat, blue jeans covered by biege shotgun chaps, cowboy boots and brown vest covering a blue long sleeved buttoned shirt. He has blond hair which is parting with bald spots on top and facial hair.



Arnold is immortal like most of his fellow Blessed, able to live for centuries and pass himself off as a descendant of his former identity. Arnold is also able to generate storms, creating powerful gusts of wind to create tornadoes and manipulate air currents, throw hail and large ice projectiles and summon bolts of lightning to attack his targets. Arnold can also use his wind manipulation powers to levitate high in the air or pick up objects. He can also use cryokiniesis to freeze his targets with an icy cold blast of wind and create snowstorms. Arnold also has superhuman durability, as he was able to survive a fall from hundreds of feet in the air and get up without any injury.