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Apollo stole Goku's hair gel

Apollo is one of the bosses of the Cyborg 009 Sega Mega-CD video game, appearing when 009 has to travel to Greece to rescue 003.


Similar to previous incarnations, Apollo wears a white chiton and cloak, and has gladiator sandals and gold arm and wrist bands. He has spiked blond hair, as opposed to the red flaming style, possibly to simplify his design and reflect the animation limitations within the game.


Not too much is glimpsed of Apollo other than a brief cut-scene before battle, where he challenges 009.

Like his incarnations before, he is very prideful in his strength and ability.


Apollo, like many of his incarnations, is able to use lasers fired from his hands as well as shoot bursts of flames using pyrokinesis. He is also equipped with an Accelerator that is more advanced than 009's.

Boss Battle[]

Apollo sprite

Apollo's game sprite

Apollo can run faster than 009 and usually moves to the right or left corner of the screen, then fires a photon beam. He then leaps into the air and uses a multi-directional blast of light to try and hit 009. Since the in-game cutscene shows 009 dropping his Super Gun, the player must fight Apollo bare handed using a punch and kick attack along with the Acceleration ability to dodge Apollo's projectiles.


  • It is not directly said or confirmed if this Apollo and Helena are related or not, since the characters do not get to interact and Apollo only serves as a boss battle for 009.