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Aphro CS

Full Name



The Yomi Kingdom




Princess of the Underground Empire




Yuki Masuda

English VA

Kari Wahlgren (credited as "Tara Malone")

Aphro is the second-youngest princess of the Yomi Kingdom, appearing in the last in-continuity arc of the series Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. She first appears in episode 45.


Aphro is identical to her four other sisters, having short, spiked-up orange-red hair, while her eyes have no visible sclerae or pupils. However, she can be differentiated due to her tiara having a green gem in the center and her eyes being violet.

She wears a white princess gown and cloak.


Aphro is more vocal, suspicious, and opinionated of the three younger sisters, catching on to Daphne's doubts and realizing that she had threatened their plan for freedom by leaking information about the 00 Cyborgs and Vena to Van Vogt.

She angrily backhands Daphne for her actions and becomes visibly upset at their freedom being jeopardized, while Dinah attempts to be the mediator and more gentle in her approach to Daphne.


As part of the Pu'Awak species' powers, Aphro has the ability to sense what is on her other sisters' minds and to feel their emotions.



Puawaksisters 2000

Promotional designs of two Pu'Awaks, based more off the manga (other than the tiaras not being red).

  • In the 2000 development trailer by Naoyuki Konno, early designs of two Pu'Awak sisters were shown, with them possibly being Aphro and Daphne due to the way that the girls were introduced in the manga. In Konno's original take, the black eyes from the manga were retained, while their tiaras completely consisted of blue and green gems (as opposed to only the center gem being colored as in the final anime designs) and their hair became red, to differentiate them from Helena who would also receive a redesign by Konno. While the red hair would be retained in the final product, Helena would be replaced by Artemis, further erasing any worry of character design being recycled.