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Achilles (アキレス Akiresu) is one of the main cyborgs that appear in the Mythos arc. Having been developed by Dr. Gaia and Dr. Uranus and entrusted with the mission of defeating the 00 cyborg team, he is the first opponent for 009 in the arc.


Achilles is a tall, panther-man hybrid of a cyborg with a black, furry muscular bipedal body. He wears a Greek tunic and cloak, as other team members do, and carries about a shield.


Achilles is serious, authoritative, and duty-bound, chastising Centaur D for revealing himself to a human and considering the other cyborg to be nothing but a fool. He orders the others to be quiet while Dr. Gaia is speaking

When tasked with fighting 009, he is adamant at taking him down at whatever cost, but after his defeat, expresses respect for 009's abilities as he dies.


Achilles can use his shield to absorb heat from the sun, which is then redirected at targets, causing them to burn or melt. He can also throw a spear, which destroys anything upon contact with an explosion.

Both of his heels have acceleration switches built into them, and destroying them will throw off his momentum in battle (with them being a literal "Achilles' heel").

He can be seen riding a large cyborg elephant to attack from, and commands a pack of cyborg panthers that are also equipped with acceleration abilities.


After 009 had arrived at Magma Island and evaded the attack of Hippo Man, he was soon challenged by Achilles and his panther army. The panthers proved difficult at first, but 009 managed to defeat them, before being ambushed by Achilles himself.

During the fight, 009 was assisted by Pan, who bit Achilles' heel to distract him and to free 003, who Achilles had threatened to kill. The destruction of his acceleration switch caused Achilles to lose control, and he fell, with his body wildly twitching and malfunctioning, ultimately resulting in his death.



  • While Achilles was not adapted until the Mega-CD game and 2001 series, an Atlas-based character bearing his name does appear in Cyborg 009 Monster Wars.