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Full Name

Joe Shimamura

Designated No.





Tokyo, Japan




Field leader


Enhanced agility, reflexes, and endurance




Hiroyuki Ota

Joe Shimamura, aka 009, is the protagonist of the 1966 animated film adaptation of the Cyborg 009 series, along with its sequel Cyborg 009 Monster Wars.

Due to changes mandated by executives to make the films appeal more to kids, this first animated incarnation of Joe displays some alterations.


Joe is a boy in his late teens with a slender physique. He has dark eyes and black, swept-back and spiked hair.

As a 00 cyborg, he does not wear the lavender uniform seen on most of the team (except 003), but instead wears a white version of the tunic and pants, with blue buttons for contrast. He wears a black belt and boots, and a red double-"tailed" scarf around his neck.


While initially confused by his new abilities and situation, Joe quickly settles into the role of a take-charge leader and hero.

In "Monster Wars", he has grown close to 003 and manages to convince her to return to the team, though he also becomes attached to the mysterious Helena and sympathetic to her plight. He has a complicated dynamic with her as she initially reveals herself to have betrayed him, but she later has a change of heart and rescues him.

Abilities and Powers[]

After his remodeling, Joe was given enhanced strength and invulnerability, along with heightened reflexes that would enable him to run and jump higher than ordinary men. He can also breathe underwater and move at incredible speed in the water and on land.



  • Aside from being changed from a delinquent to a race car driver to give kids a lighter hero to relate to, Joe's status as being half-Japanese in blood was also entirely removed, presumably to avoid controversy and to present him as a fully Japanese hero. His eye-concealing bangs would be re-instated for the 1968 TV series, in order to bring him somewhat closer to Ishinomori's design.
  • Perhaps due to animation limitations of the time, this also meant that this incarnation of 009 lacked his signature Accelerator, a detail that would not be reflected until later adaptations.