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Cyborg 009

Full Name

Joe Shimamura (alias, real name unknown)

Designated No.



Presumably early twenties (see Notes)


Tokyo, Japan




Accelerator, Teleportation, Telepathy, Machine gun arm (unused)

"Joe Shimamura" (島村ジョー Shimamura Jo), aka 009, was a Japanese delinquent of biracial heritage that was captured by Black Ghost for their C.A.P. (Cyborg Astronaut Project). With the modifications made to his body, he gained the ability to accelerate, and was the most advanced of the nine prototypes.

As given in the opening to the story and related notes, "Joe Shimamura" is not the actual name of this character (with the name only belonging to his in-universe fictional counterpart of the 1964-1992 manga), but he is referred to by this for readers' ease.


Joe is a young adult male of average height and a lean muscular build. He has swept-back, semi-spiked hair that ranges from a golden blond to light chestnut in the color illustrations. The asymmetrical fringe of his hair tends to fall over and obscure one eye.

As part of the 00 Cyborg Team, Joe wears a "samurai blue"-colored uniform with gold buttons, black contrast bands, black boots, and a red scarf.

After the disaster in Tokyo, Joe's lost left arm was replaced with a more obviously-mechanical one that could fire bullets from his hand, though he did not utilize it.





  • In the development notes and drafts for the "Conspiracy of the Goddess" story, Shotaro Ishinomori described this incarnation of Joe as being 21 years old. However, it is not known if this age applies to the character as depicted in Joe Onodera's published versions. Details about Joe's origin were also left out in the process of adapting Ishinomori's notes to light novel and manga form.
  • The original intent of the "Conspiracy of the Goddess" story was to have Joe and Hisui in a platonic relationship, with Joe rebuffing and resisting any of Hisui/Himiko's romantic advances and temptation. In the afterword for Conclusion: GOD'S WAR light novel 2, Joe Onodera admitted that the alterations he made to the story were to increase drama. The OVA version of GOD'S WAR, which predated the light novel series and manga, stuck closer to Ishinomori's intent of their relationship dynamic.