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Cyborg 009 (1968)
009 1968
Cyborg 009

Full Name

Joe Shimamura

Designated No.





Tokyo, Japan






Katsuji Mori (credited as Setsuya Tanaka)

Joe Shimamura, also known as Cyborg 009, is the main protagonist of the 1968 anime television series of the same name. Before becoming a cyborg, he was a famous racer by the name of "Hurricane Joe".


Joe has black hair, a white uniform with silver buttons, black boots and a red scarf. Due to the monochromatic nature of the series, his design can only be seen in black-and-white, save for outside merchandise depicting him in color.


This incarnation of Joe is a bit more impulsive and hot-headed than other incarnations, but possesses a strong sense of justice typical of an Ishinomori hero.

He also has a love of racing fast cars, a character trait which would carry over into his next animated incarnation.


The anime showcases some of Joe's abilities from the manga. He has superhuman strength and his Acceleration ability and is impervious to gunfire. However, due to the budget and limitations of TV anime at the time, Joe's trademark Acceleration ability was not utilized as often as later incarnations. This is a carryover from the '60s films, which did not depict his acceleration and only depicted him as able to run faster and jump higher than an ordinary human.


  • Katsuji Mori, 009's voice actor, was also the voice of Go Mifune from Mach GOGOGO aka Speed Racer during that year. He would later portray his most famous role as Ken the Eagle from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman 5 years later.
  • While Joe's design in the first two Toei films had both of his eyes exposed, it was slightly altered for this series to be more accurate to his manga design.
  • This incarnation of Joe is not mentioned to be biracial, and the character detail would not be represented in an animated adaptation until 1979.