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Cyborg 007
007 (Super Galaxy)

Full Name

Great Britain

Designated No.



London, England




Espionage and infiltration




Kaneta Kimotsuki

English voice actor

James Keating

Great Britain, also known as 007, is one of the nine protagonists in the 1980 animated film Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy.


Great Britain is a slim man of average height, with an entirely bald scalp, a hawkish bulbous nose, and large ovaloid eyes and a long mouth.

He wears the red 00 cyborg uniform with its iconic yellow scarf, but when outside of the uniform, he can first be seen wearing a black shirt and pants, with a lavender ascot and burgundy jacket with gold trim. He is also briefly seen in a beige "Gilmore Labs" jumpsuit.


Britain is an optimistic mood-maker of the team, similar to Chang, who he is often seen arguing or hanging around with. As a stage actor, he also has a flair for dramatics, as seen when he worries about the team being stuck in space and shapeshifts to resemble a withered corpse in his fear.

He somberly regards Albert's sacrifice as having been necessary when Jet becomes upset over the news. But after Albert is discovered to be alive (thanks to practically divine intervention involving Joe and the Vortex), Britain is amazed and happy for the other man and leads him to the makeshift grave for him to retrieve his scarf.


Though he does not get much of a chance to use it otherwise, his shapeshifting ability comes in handy for when he embarks on the rescue mission in Zoa's base, disguising himself as one of the alien soldiers and acting dim-witted, to learn of the location of Ivan and Dr. Cosmo.



  • As with 005, 006, and 008, the screentime for 007 decreases throughout the film, though he does get some final dialogue at the graveyard scene. The manga by Sugar Sato evens out the scene some by giving the other three cyborgs lines as well, though the same manga also cuts down the scenes with 006 and 007 for constraints.
  • The English dub by Frontier Enterprises inexplicably changed him to an Irishman with the name O'Shaughnessy, and changed his line about missing London to being about "The lakes of Killarney". James Keating was notoriously inconsistent with the voice, perhaps due to the rushed and sloppy direction by William Ross, and "O'Shaughnessy"'s accent goes missing in some parts of the dub.