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Cyborg 007

Full Name

Great Britain

Designated No.







Secret Intelligence Service agent (SIS)


Hiroyuki Yoshino

English VA

J.B. Blanc (credited as "John White")

Great Britain, aka "Cyborg 007", is one of the nine protagonists of the 2012 CGI film 009 Re:Cyborg.


Britain has fair skin, a completely bald head, dirty blonde eyebrows, blue eyes, and developing "crows feet" around his eyes. He is depicted with realistic proportions, as opposed to the cartoonish style associated with Ishinomori.

Due to the altered style, as well as Gato Asou intending to make the character look more conventionally attractive, he is smoother-faced and appears a little younger than his classic incarnation.

Britain wears a black trench coat with a popped collar, a white dress shirt with a dark gray suit, and black dress shoes.

Although this is unseen in the film itself, promotional materials and CGI cutscenes in the RE: Cyborg pachinko game depict him wearing the iconic 00 cyborg outfit: a militaristic, double-breasted uniform with a bright yellow scarf. As with the other male 00 cyborgs, his uniform is a darker red, and it opens from the right side as opposed to the left (reflecting how differently mens' and womens' jackets are designed to open).


Britian's shapeshifting powers, instead of being restricted to transforming into organic beings and objects, is expanded in the RE: universe.

Britain is able to use camouflage to blend in with the environment and adjust his own physiology, using his own body as a potentially offensive weapon. He is seen wrapping his own arms around a suspicious agent and crushing his ribs at one point.


  • While referred to by "Great Britain" and "Britain" in the Japanese track of the film, the English dub opts to only refer to him as "G.B." for short, as the Sony Pictures dub of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier had.