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Cyborg 006

Full Name

Chang Changku

Designated No.



No information






Anti-ballistics, anti-personnel, and frontal advancing


Fire breath (up to 10,000°C)


Hirō Hase (credited as "Sanji Hase")

Chang Changku, aka 006, is one of the nine protagonists of the 1979 incarnation of Cyborg 009.

Originally a poor Chinese farmer, Chang's misfortunes made him a ripe target for Black Ghost agents. He has the ability to breathe fire, capable of burning through almost all man-made materials.


Chang is a short, rotund man with flatly-combed black hair (with a few stray hairs sticking out), a large belly, a large circular nose, a chubby face, and a thin curly mustache. His eyes are depicted with a cartoonish "3" shape.

In battle, Chang wears a red, double-breasted military uniform with padded shoulders, black contrast bands, and four large yellow buttons on his chest and torso. On his waist is a black belt with a gun holster that holds his blaster, his main weapon. He wears knee-high black boots and a long, yellow scarf wrapped around his neck.



Chang was once a poor farmer who, despite his best efforts, produced nothing but bad and rotten crops. His constant failings drove him to such a deep despair that it made him a easy target for agents of Black Ghost, who kidnapped and turned Chang into a 00 Cyborg.

With the help of former Black Ghost scientist Dr. Isaac Gilmore, Chang and eight other 00 cyborgs broke free from their captivity and opposed Black Ghost, interfering with the organization's activities whenever they could. After Black Ghost's apparent demise, Chang started his own restaurant business and worked his way up to become a wealthy and powerful CEO. But his success was short-lived when Ivan Whisky's ESP visions and the sudden emergence of the Stone Giants caused Dr. Gilmore to call back the 00 cyborgs together once more.

With no choice but to answer Dr. Gilmore's summons, Chang retired from his CEO position and dissolved his restaurant business to return to his old life as a 00 cyborg.


Chang has the ability to breathe intense torrents of flame that can melt any man-made material. This has proved handy for the 00 cyborgs on multiple occasions, including making quick escapes and serving as enemy crowd control. In The Awakening of Gods, the exact temperature of Chang's flame breath is recorded at 10,000 degrees Celsius.

In episode The Demon of the L'Arc de Triomphe, Chang's cybernetic body is extremely resilient to heat, being able to withstand a large firestorm created when a powerful lightning bolt created by Odin struck the ground.


  • While his suicide attempt in his origin was not shown in the series likely due to its subject matter, the Animage article that detailed the cyborgs' origins had included it-- although it is to be noted that various character details changed during production of the series, or were left unstated.
  • In the first episode, Chang's introduction portrait resembles that as a ukiyo-e woodblock print in contrast to the dramatic cross-hatching of his teammates, to establish him as a comedic character.