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Cyborg 006
006 (009 vs. Devilman)

Full Name

Chang Changku

Designated No.



Guangdong, China




Anti-ballistics, anti-personnel, and frontal advancing


Fire breath (up to 3,000 degrees)


Yū Mizushima)

English VA

Joe Ochman (credited as "Joey Lotsko")

Chang Changku, aka Cyborg 006, is a supporting character in the OVA crossover film Cyborg 009 vs. Devilman.


As with previous incarnations, Chang is a short, plump Chinese man with a large nose, squinted eyes, and a thin curly mustache.

His design in the OVA references the usual design as seen in the 1979 anime and the 2001 version.

Initially, he wears the classic red 00 cyborg uniform in opening sequence clips and in the "Mythos Cyborgs" opener to the plot.

Afterwards, his upgraded uniform keeps the general red double-breasted look and the yellow scarf and gold buttons, but now bears two belts (one for his Super Gun holster), a slightly different-styled and exposed high collar, black seam-lines and a visible opening closure, elbow pads, and military boots with knee pads. Because of his size and proportions, his belts run a bit tight and low, and his boots are shorter.

When not in uniform, he wears a long-sleeved, deep blue traditional Chinese robe.


In his profile, he is described as the cheerful person of the team, able to brighten the day.

He is shown happily cooking for the rest of the team in his first notable interaction, though this becomes interrupted by 001's announcement of a "Devil".


Like all of his incarnations, Chang has the ability to breathe extremely hot torrents of fire, up to 3,000 degrees. This allows him to tunnel underground and melt any material known to man, including anything conjured by Abel's ice powers, as fire and water are opposing elements. This gave him a distinct advantage over the younger High-Teen Number cyborg.

Chang is also presumably a very skilled cook, as he often cooks meals for the 00 cyborg team. In the first OVA episode, he was seen cooking a stir-fry dish, and made other foods such as steamed dumplings.


Though his backstory remains unsaid, it is known that Chang was one of Black Ghost's first nine 00 cyborg prototypes, and would defect from the organization. The cyborgs would have to face 0010-0013 as they were on the run, along with traveling to Antarctica to battle the Mad Machine M-1, and then to travel to Greece to battle Black Ghost's Mythos Cyborg team.

In the wake of the Mythos conflict, the team would be alerted to a "Devil" in Japan.


  • Chang's eye design is reminiscent of the comical "3" eyes associated with his previous incarnations (up until RE:), though here they are portrayed somewhat realistically.
  • Chang accidentally setting Great Britain on fire while saving him from being frozen by Abel is a call-back to the 2001 anime episode "Tears of Steel", where he did the same thing to Pyunma after he and 005 were trapped in 0011's goo. Similar gags involving Britain being set on fire could be seen in episode 1 of the 1968 series, as well as episode 35 of the 1979 series and episode 2 of the 2001 series.