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Cyborg 005
005 (Super Galaxy)

Full Name

Geronimo Junior

Designated No.



Arizona, United States of America




Ground infantry and line defense


Armored skin, super strength


Banjō Ginga

English voice actor

Frank Rogers

Geronimo Junior, also known as 005, is one of the nine protagonists in the 1980 animated film Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy.


As with his common appearance in various versions, Geronimo is the tallest of the team at nearly seven feet, with a large, broad muscular build and brown skin. He has red tribal markings on his face, and a flat-topped mohawk, as well as a heavy ridged brow and bulbous nose.

He can be seen in the red 00 cyborg uniform and its familiar yellow scarf, though he first wears a navy shirt, long brown jacket, a cowboy hat, and khaki pants when called back to the team by Dr. Gilmore. He is also seen briefly in a beige "Gilmore Labs" uniform.


Geronimo is a strong, silent man who does not often speak unless he absolutely feels the need to speak up. He is kind and supportive, protecting team members with the benefit of his large stature and muscles.


He is shown to use his super-strength most, particularly when finding and throwing away a bomb that had been attached to the Ishmael ship. He is also able to use the one-man battle vehicle to fight off enemy fleets.



  • While his role gradually decreases to where he is left silent in the final portion of the film, and Sugar Sato's tie-in manga cuts out some of his battle moments, the manga does attempt to fix the issue of 005-008 not having much to do in the ending by giving each some final lines of dialogue when Albert is discovered to be alive.