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Cyborg 005

Full Name

Geronimo, Jr.

Designated No.





United States




Ground infantry and defense


Enhanced strength
Armored skin


Banjō Ginga (credited with his real name "Takashi Tanaka")

Geronimo, Jr., aka 005, is one of the nine protagonists of the 1979 incarnation of Cyborg 009.


Geronimo, Jr. is the tallest and biggest 00 cyborg, towering over his teammates. He has tan brown skin, facial tribal markings, an aquiline nose, jet-black hair, and a muscular body. His hair is styled into a short cropped mohawk usually worn by male American Indians.

In battle, he wears a red, double breasted military uniform worn by the 00 Cyborgs, with padded shoulders and black arm bands just beneath them. On his waist is a black belt with a holster for his weapon, a gun with three shooting modes.

When not fighting, he can be seen wearing various civilian outfits, usually American Indian-themed.


Geronimo, Jr. is a soft-spoken and serious man who can be dictated by his actions. Despite his mostly silent disposition, he has a gentle and noble heart. He can be counted on to help his teammates defend the innocent from evil beings.


Geronimo, Jr. was an unemployed American Indian who sought jobs that allowed him to help and protect his people. One day, he was offered a job by a suspicious-looking man, who was an undercover Black Ghost agent. Geronimo accepted it, not knowing he was being tricked. He ended up being turned into a 00 cyborg with enhanced strength and iron skin.

With the help of Dr. Gilmore, Geronimo later joined eight other people who were also turned into 00 cyborgs, and rebelled against Black Ghost. After this, they went on a series of adventures that culminated in Black Ghost's defeat. Their goal fulfilled, the 00 cyborgs split up and integrated into normal society.

Geronimo found work at a farm ranch, helping the farmer who owned it tend to the animals and grow crops. This peaceful and simple life was not to last, however, when Dr. Gilmore summoned the 00 cyborgs again in response to the sudden appearance of a Stone Giant during a Formula-1 race. Despite the farmer's attempts to get Geronimo to stay, Geronimo could not refuse the call for help, and left his civilian life behind.

Geronimo later reunited with a fellow American Indian named Cochise, who was also an old friend of his growing up. To his horror, the 00 cyborg found that his friend had been turned into an evil cyborg by Black Ghost, and mind-controlled by a cybernetic totem pole. During the ensuing fight, he was forced to kill him, freeing his friend from the clutches of his old enemy.


Geronimo has enhanced strength and armored skin. This makes him a simple yet powerful and extremely resilient fighter, when compared to his fellow 00 cyborgs with more specialized abilities such as flight, psychic powers, and shapeshifting.