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Cyborg 003
Frannie 1966
Cyborg 003

Full Name

Francoise Arnoul

Designated No.





Versailles, France




Enemy reconnaissance


Telescopic vision
X-ray vision
Enhanced hearing




Judy Ongg

Francoise Arnoul, aka 003 is one of the protagonists of the 1966 Cyborg 009 film and its sequel Cyborg 009 Monster Wars. She is the only female member of the 00 cyborg team.


003 is a young woman in her mid-to-late teens with a slim physique and average height. She has long, waist-length auburn hair that flips up at the ends, and dark blue eyes. Her hair is held back by a pink headband with knobs at the end.

As a 00 cyborg, she wears a uniform similar in style to the other eight team members, but hers is a deep pink, to mark her as being the girl of the team. The uniform has pale blue buttons for contrast, deep red boots, and she wears a blue ascot around her neck, making her the only other team member besides 009 to have a neck accessory.

Evil 003 ('66 movie)

When subjected to brainwashing by Black Ghost to turn her against the team, her appearance changes to a very demonic looking form. In this state, 003's hair becomes wild and unkempt, the sclera of her eyes become yellow and her skin takes on a deep gray tone and she grows fangs.


003 is friendly and willing to greet 009 when he meets the team, and convinces him that he would be better off coming along with them. She quickly grows attached to him, and confides her secrets in him, including her tragic past. She is haunted by the loss of her parents in a war long ago, and how Black Ghost altered her life even further.

When abducted and altered by Black Ghost to re-program her against her fellow cyborgs, she becomes a sadistic, mindless killing machine that has to be broken out of the programming by 009.


With her 50km range of enhanced sight, 003 can see objects from a distance. She also has enhanced hearing, also enabling her to warn the team of far-off enemies.


'66 Movie[]

Monster Wars[]


  • These films would introduce the setting of 003 being a ballerina, which would be reflected in the Yomi arc and become a key part of her backstory and character.
  • Perhaps for an even more prestigious detail, her home city was altered from being Paris to Versailles in the first film.
  • The knobs on 003's headband would later become a detail transferred back to the manga in the 1970s. The length of her hair in these films is consistent to her earliest "Birth" arc appearance, while her hair had appeared brown in some 1965 color art.