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Cyborg 002

Full Name

Jet Link

Designated No.





Flight (up to Mach 5)


NSA agent


Daisuke Ono

English VA

Marc Diraison


Jet Link, aka "Cyborg 002", is one of the nine protagonists of the 2012 CGI film 009 Re:Cyborg.


Unlike his previous incarnations, Jet has short, combed-back blonde hair; pale skin; blue eyes; and a realistically short but slightly hawkish nose. When not using his powers, he can be seen wearing a dark forest-green trench coat; a dark gray suit with a dark blue tie; and a white dress shirt. His "feet" are actually part of a very advanced jet propulsion system - when activated, the surface splits away in multiple panels, after which his "feet" turn into thrusters that propel him upward.

When at high altitudes, Jet's body is revealed to have received extensive modifications, resulting in a more streamlined look for smoother flight. His body has multiple panels, and his legs and back have been installed with additonal thrusters for added speed. He wears no clothes during full-powered flight possibly due to hinderance. His synthetic skin also dramatically lightens to be a pure white color, while within this "High Speed Flight Mode".


Jet has the power to fly up to speeds of Mach 5, which is as fast as Cyborg 009's acceleration module. His cyborg body allows him to surivive at altitudes of over 3000 meters. His stint with the NSA has given him decent hand-to-hand combat skills as well, as he was able to fight on par with Cyborg 009 while airborne.


  • Jet's appearance in RE: Cyborg had incited negative responses from fans, who could not recognize him with his new look and saw the physical changes as unnecessary. This design had first been implemented in Mamoru Oshii's 2010 short film, which was an early concept for RE:.
  • An early Pepsi Nex ad for RE: Cyborg depicted an alternate design for Jet that looked somewhat closer to his classic look; however, as he was depicted in silhouette, all that can clearly be made out is his spikier hair.
  • A rougher character design shown in the RE: Cyborg artbook shows that Jet's redesign originally had a somewhat more bulbous nose and harsher-looking face. These elements were presumably toned down to make him appear more conventionally handsome.