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Cyborg 002

Full Name:

Jet Link

Designated No.:



West Side, New York, U.S.A




Aerial attack, rescue, and surveillance


Thrusters built into legs allow for flight




Ryo Ishihara

Jet Link, aka 002, is one of the nine protagonists that appear in the 1966 Cyborg 009 animated film and its sequel Cyborg 009 Monster Wars. His actual name is never mentioned within the film, but comes from outside materials related to it.


002 is the second-tallest of the team and slightly built. His most noticeable features include his long, windswept dark hair, a prominent and pointed nose, slightly pointed ears, and a large jaw. His hair tends to shield his eyes at times, such as when he's confused or angered.

He wears a pastel lavender-colored uniform as part of the team, but lacks any sort of scarf.


Though his role in the film series is rather sporadic, 002 is shown to be a serious and somewhat gruff but supportive "big brother" figure who welcomes 009 onto the 00 Cyborg team. He is shown to be especially driven and determined to take down Black Ghost, and utilizes his flight abilities to his advantage.


With the thrusters built into his legs, 002 can fly at high speed and navigate through the air.


002's past before his conversion into a cyborg remains unknown. However, he and the other cyborgs escaped Black Ghost and went on the run. He was not chosen for the mission to raid the Black Ghost headquarters, however, he and the other team members secretly followed after 009, 003, 006, and 007 to help bail them out when the Black Ghost soldiers had them cornered. After Black Ghost was seemingly defeated, 002 opted to go back to New York to try to live a normal life.

However, after Black Ghost was revealed to be back in action, 002 was called out of retirement to fight once more. He had become a football player in the time that the team were apart.

002, along with the other 00 cyborgs besides 009, would be captured by Black Ghost soldiers after they ventured to the underground world where the new secret base was held. He would be later freed by Helena, and do battle against some of the soldiers.