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Cyborg 002

Full Name

Jet Link

Designated No.



West Side, New York, USA




Aerial attack, rescue, and surveillance


Thrusters built into legs allow for flight


Ryo Ishihara

Jet Link, aka 002, is one of the nine protagonists of the 1968 incarnation of the Cyborg 009 series. Due to the executives wishing to focus more on 009, 003, 006, and 007 as the main characters, his appearances in the series are very sporadic.


Jet's design from the first two animated films was carried over into this adaptation. Although he appears in grayscale due to the series only being animated in black and white, it can be assumed that his uniform is the pastel lavender shade that it was in the films.

His prominent features include a sharp, pointed nose, long windswept dark hair, a large squared jaw, and slightly pointed ears.


Although he does not get to be part of the team very often, Jet is willing to help out when the need arises. He displays a somewhat tough, "big brother"-like personality, and takes his job of fighting very seriously.


Little to nothing is known of Jet's past before he was converted into a cyborg. However, after becoming part of the team, he was shown to to take up the job of American football whenever he was not available for a mission.

Towards the end of the series, Jet managed to save Joe from burning up in atmospheric re-entry, by catching him and diverting his fall so both of them would land in a lake.


Due to the animation limitations at the time as well as the manga seeming to forget it, Jet's acceleration power was discarded, with him only able to demonstrate his flight capabilities.