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Cyborg 001
001 (Super Galaxy)

Full Name

Ivan Whisky

Designated No.



Moscow, Russia




Psychic defense


Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, ESP


Fuyumi Shiraishi

English voice actor

Mary Malone

Ivan Whisky, also known as 001, is one of the nine protagonists in the 1980 animated film Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy.


Ivan is a small infant under a year old, who dresses in a red blanket sleeper with four yellow large buttons and a white bib. He can be seen with a yellow pacifier in his mouth, and occasionally floating about in a basket.

Like his earliest appearance in colored manga art and his incarnations in the 1960s animated works, this version of Ivan has brown hair, as opposed to silver (or the more stylized blue tones). His eyes are usually hidden beneath his bangs, but can be seen at points in the film.


Ivan is calm and intelligent, but being a baby, is not immune to getting frightened and falling into tantrums, as seen at the start of the film when he senses an enemy force approaching.

Due to his mind-reading, he can tell that Saba means no harm and orders the cyborgs to drop their weapons. He is also able to tell what Joe subconsciously wished of while he had taken on the Vortex's powers.


He is seen mostly using his telekinesis to float about, and his telepathy to speak or read others' minds, though his role is quickly diminished in the film when he is kidnapped by Zoa's forces for most of the plot.

When he is experimented on by Zoa's soldiers, they express the worry that he may self-destruct from the combination of the waves from the torture device they use to extract the information from him, and his psychic powers.



  • As Fuyumi Shiraishi ranked the highest in votes as the "fan favorite" actress for 001 (from her work in the 1968 TV series), she returned in the role for this film and the Mega-CD game, with Sachiko Chijimatsu (who voiced the 1979 incarnation of 001) instead voicing a background role.