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Cyborg 001

Full Name

Ivan Whisky

Designated No.



Approximately under a year old






Last-ditch psychic defense, long-range communication, and mission control




Sachiko Chijimatsu

Ivan Whisky, aka 001, is one of the nine protagonists of the 1979 incarnation of Cyborg 009.

Born in Russia, Ivan was experimented on by his father Dr. Gamo Whisky in his attempt to see if there were hidden abilities of the human brain. This in turn gave Ivan psychic powers and great intelligence, but also permanently stunted his physical growth.


Ivan is an infant cyborg with light grey, bushy hair that always covers his dark blue eyes. When he uses his powers, however, his eyes will be exposed and glow. He wears a baby gown version of the 00 cyborg outfit, and has a yellow pacifier in his mouth.

He is almost always seen lying in a brown baby basket, which he occasionally levitates with his psychic powers.



009 1979 Ep


Like all of his incarnations, Ivan has incredibly powerful psychic abilities and great intelligence. Because of the experiments his father performed on him,he is smarter than the average adult, and he frequently uses his intelligence to plan battle strategies with his fellow 00 cyborgs.

Ivan has telekinetic and telepathic powers that he always uses to help the 00 cyborgs get out of difficult situations. He is able to move multiple things with his mind, and because of his infant body, he telepathically communicates with his fellow 00 cyborgs in place of his underdeveloped vocal cords. As shown in the the very first episode, his powers seem to be connected to his emotions, as when he was having a nightmare, his room was in severe psychic disarray.

Ivan's ESP makes him sensitive to future events. He is able to predict when something is about to happen, which has often proved advantageous for the 00 cyborgs many times. A majority of the 00 cyborgs' adventures were fueled by Ivan's predictions, which showed the end of mankind.

Because of his infant body, Ivan's psychic powers put such a great physical strain on him that he falls asleep after he uses them. Once asleep, he will remain that way for 15 days, before spending the next 15 days awake.


  • The 1979 series is the first incarnation to delve into Ivan's backstory, as well as providing an answer to the fate of Dr. Whisky after he had joined the Black Ghost organization.
  • Before she voiced Ivan, Sachiko Chijimatsu had been involved with the very first adaptation of Cyborg 009 that had predated the 1966 film, providing the voice for Joe in the Asahi Sonorama record Volcanic Island Shock Tactics (though the role was recast for the later albums once Hiroyuki Ota was decided as the voice of Joe for the films). Chijimatsu also voiced Ivan in the Kirin Radio Theatre adaptation of the manga, which predated the release of the 1979 series. This makes her one of the very few actors that carried over from the radio drama to this incarnation.