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Ivan Whisky, aka 001, is one of the nine protagonists of the 1968 incarnation of the Cyborg 009 series.

Cyborg 001
Cyborg 001 1968

Full Name

Ivan Whisky

Designated No.



Moscow, Russia




Last-ditch psychic defence, long-range communication, mission control


ESP, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation


Kyoko Toriyama


Ivan is an infant with a bowl cut-style hair that covers his eyes, and is always seen with a pacifier in his mouth.

Due to his inability to walk, he is usually seen floating about in some sort of bassinet. Instead of the usual team uniform and scarf, he is shown wearing a gown and a white bib.


001 is highly-intelligent due to his brain enhancements, his brain capacity exceeding that of many full grown adults, and quick to dispense information on what is going on. He tends to serve as emergency rescue for the team whenever they are stuck, although it is required that he is at full power and awake.

Due to his infant age and small size, he still requires the regular care that an average baby would.


Some time after Ivan was born, his father, a scientist named Gamo Whisky, decided to experiment on him with the intent of trying to solve the mysteries of the human mind. He was subsequently approached by Black Ghost agents, who brought him to their facilities.

For most of the story, 001 offers plans of attack and provides direct assistance for the team in times of crisis, such as teleporting injured team members away to safety.


Having been experimented on by his father in an attempt to unlock the mysteries of the human mind, 001's brain was greatly enhanced, which lead to further modifications by Black Ghost.

These enhancements granted him access to psychic abilities such as telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, the teleportation of people close to him. However, despite these great powers, 001 is still at risk because of his physical body. He is able to stay awake for 15 days without rest, before falling back to sleep for the same amount of days. Weaknesses also include electromagnetic interference, and being susceptible to injury due to lacking the bodily enhancements present in the other cyborgs. He is unable to age due to his atypical sleep schedule, as well as the fact that his growth was stunted by his cybernetic enhancements.