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Cyborg 0011 Plus and Cyborg 0011 Minus are a pair of twin villains briefly sent to challenge the 00 cyborgs in Cyborg 009 Monster Wars.

They are modeled after the 0010 twins from the original manga.


The 0011 brothers are heavily modified, appearing as monochromatic glowing figures with gladiator-esque helmets and flaming hair atop. They both have hollow, blank eyes.

Plus is colored all in orange, but his body will flash and change to be pink at points when using his abilities, with his hair-flame doing the same.

Minus is completely blue, and changes to be yellow with blue flaming hair at points when using his abilities.


The 0011 brothers are arrogant and incredibly ruthless, being one-track in their mission to kill the 00 cyborgs. Upon their arrival, they gloat to the team about who they are.

Unlike the manga, there is no further sympathetic angle to the brothers, in order to depict them as bit villains and simplified.


Both 0011s have the power to emit electricity, and are impervious to bullets and missiles, as well as fire. They can also run fast and have heightened reflexes.

However, their abilities come with a weakness: If the brothers make physical contact, their opposite polarities will cause them to short out, killing them both.



  • The novel Cyborg 009: SF Roman would also include a pair of "Cyborg 0011" twins, due to taking inspiration from this film. However, Ishinomori chose to depict them with the original 0010 designs instead of these film designs.
  • The pattern of Minus being blue and Plus being orange (or alternatively red) would carry over to the Mega-CD game adaptation of Cyborg 009 in 1993. There, the two were "0010" as they were in the manga, and their designs skewed closer, but the blue and orange theme remained. Their incarnations in Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier would loosely follow this theme as well, with Minus being blue and Plus as red.
  • The 0011 brothers' voice actors officially remain a mystery, as the film did not credit the extra characters.