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Aldo The Fox
• 5/12/2014

Dub names and changes

The dub of the 2001 series seems to vary with its accuracy to the original script. However, due to the lack of a proper subtitle track for most episodes, it's difficult to gauge how many episodes strayed entirely (48 was a big example though).

Sony's DVDs and a good deal of subtitles for the early episodes that fans have streamed have "dubtitles": they follow the script for the dub, and have subs for dialogue that was added into scenes that were originally silent. However, these dubtitles also contain lines that were present in the original Toonami airings, but scrubbed out and redubbed in reruns (0010- saying the "Brother from Hell" line, and a few other stronger phrases are present).

The latter half of the series is only available in Hong Kong quality subs. However, due to legality matters, it's not in my interest to link to these here.

What follows are some discrepancies spotted in the dub so far, and some name changes:

- In the original, 0012 was from the Taisho era (1912-1926). A pretty big difference from the Civil War. Her husband probably would have been lost at WW1 in this time, and she apparently died sometime after WW2.

- 002's line of "I could never trust my parents!" was originally "I don't even believe in God!". This might have made the cut in the first Toonami airing, owing to the dubtitles present, but might have been redubbed along with other objectionable dialogue. A line that 002 has towards the end of the series was also changed, where it amounts to being about him not having believed in a God but now feeling the need to pray that he'll succeed in saving 009.

- The English version of "Gimore's Notes" has him say that 003 "is over 80" even though she looks 18. In the Japanese version, he says that she's 19 and there's no "over 80" reference (instead, he refers to her powers). If 003 were captured in the early '60s as implied in the sub version of that episode and "Black Ghost Lives!", her chronological age would be in the 50s range (as would 002).

- The sub identifies Hilda as 004's fiancee, while the English dub refers to her as his wife.

- Aside from Gamo Whisky being renamed "Gamo Asimov", the moment where 001's name is given as "Ivan Whisky" was also not stated in the dub of "Gilmore's Notes".

- The flying eagle robot at the end of the Underground Empire is referred to as "Oedipus" in the dub.

- Two of the Pu'Awak sisters' names are Dinah and Aphro. Tokyopop and the anime dub refer to the first as "Diana", and the anime dub calls the latter "Aphros". The lizard people are also supposed to be called "Zattan"/"Zartan", but the dub calls them "Athans".

- Nicholas was originally "Nichol". They might have slightly extended his name due to it sounding like "Nicole".

- Mai was originally named "Mii". It might have been changed due to the awkwardness of the pronounciation ("me").

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Aldo The Fox
• 5/13/2014

The "over 80" thing is a reference to 003's actual age chronologically. The episode Christmas Eve Mirage had a flashback to when she was a child and watched a film adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Red Shoes".

The earliest Red Shoes film was from 1948, and little Frannie looked to be about 5-8 years old during the flashback.

(After research, The title card matches that film, but her description is inaccurate, it was about a ballet dancer who starred in a play based on the story and her eventual tragic death. In other words, a loose adaptation.)

Going by real time, the age is close to accurate when you consider that the story is set in the 2000s rather than the 1960s. (It's one of those dubs that stays close to being accurate yet tries to be contemporary, resulting in a disjointed Reto-futurisitc style world.)

• 5/13/2014

The "I Don't Believe in God!" was edited out for obvious reasons, conservative Americans and those of faith based groups across the world hate the concept of atheists and it tends to hit a nerve with them when someone exclaims such a phrase.

• 5/13/2014

Depends on which Civil War they were talking about.

Despite its popularity as a historical subject, The American Civil War is not the only one.

• 5/15/2014

Been a while, but thanks for the feedback!

True, on the Civil War. I did try to check for other possible meanings before going through Japanese fansites to double-check. I couldn't find one for the Taisho era, though. The dub might have wanted a more accessible reference or time frame for how long 0012 had to have been dead.

The "Hell" and "God" lines most likely did get edited owing to the sort of complaints you'd mention. It's interesting to see how the dubtitled sub tracks retain those and a few other things that had to be redubbed. There's a bit of Usenet discussion from '03-04 about the "Brother from Hell"/"Brother gone bad!" edit, while I've been trying to research what other lines got redone.

The team's ages and the idea of when the first generation could each have been abducted seems to be a bit tricky, with the different episode writers. But yeah, she would have had to have been born in the late '30s-early '40s in this version, if episode 13 is taken into account.

• 5/15/2014

Forgive me for my absence, The Parent Page Projects across Tokupeida have taken up most of my time.  Kamen Rider Wiki's in particular was a challenge due to how large the franchise is. (Took me 2 weeks to finish)

I just finished getting the data on The Cyborg Soldier's Parental Rating for when it aired on Toonami by consulting Toonami Wiki and input that data on its Parent Page.

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