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• 10/6/2018

cyborg 009 call of justice

I Really liked the show about the new characters i like the Animation it looks so good on the show Did everbody liked that show ?

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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/11/2015

English Dub Voice Actor Identifications

As part of the ongoing process for the Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier articles, fans from sites such as Behind the Voice Actors are more than welcome to join here and edit with what they know of the voice cast, and if they have sources from resumes or the actors themselves, it'll be even better and help the article out, and prevent more old misnomers from being circulated like Stephen Apostolina being incorrectly attributed to 004 for so many years.
Right now, roles that remain elusive or unconfirmed are Dr. Shishigashira in "Monster Island", and Dinah in the Yomi arc (figured to be Julie Ann Taylor, but more backing may be needed). Also welcome are any identifications of roles not yet listed in the English dub cast, or corrections made to existing credits. Due to the dub's non-union status and age, it may be tricky to work out who exactly voiced in what episodes, although fans well-versed in voice matching tend to be pretty thorough.
Not every background role or bit part has to be credited, but if someone would like to help fill out or correct the episodic credits or the ones on the main page, you're certainly free to.
As in the CrystalAcids and Wikipedia style, I'd made the decision to credit most of the cast with the aliases they would have used at the time.
Part of the time in this day and age, fans can sometimes be in contact with the ADR Director or a brand manager and ask for information on a cast or confirmations of roles. However, Michael Sorich does not appear to have a social media presence, and it's iffy on whether anyone could disclose the information, even more than a decade later. Steve Kramer and Richard Epcar supposedly also did ADR Direction if AnimeNewsNetwork's encyclopedia is to be believed, however, their entry does have some holes and old mistakes in itself to be wary of.
Also important is that some actors may not publicly list their involvement with this dub due to it not being endorsed by SAG-AFTRA, while some actors are more open about their non-union involvements in the past. Cindy Robinson has confirmed her role as Lina for the "Mutant Warriors" arc on her own resume, while Grant George seems to list himself as "Various monsters", though some sources attribute him to Dr. Ryan in episode 2. He was probably used for quite the bit parts. Darrel Guilbeau's involvement with the series would also need to be researched.
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• 9/12/2014

009 Graphic Novel cancellation info is false.

I just had a discussion with Mr. DeSanto himself and he said that the Emerald City Comic Con thing is false. (as is the TV Tropes page.)
He says there are some problems that are holding up any future projects due to Ishimori Pro being ignorant of the fact that 009 is not as popular outside of Japan and cultural differences between them and Archaia.
But he also said the book was nominated for several awards and is currently in the process of being printed into other languages for international sales. So we have a Schrodinger's cat scenario basically. A project that is both dead and alive.
I know its not cancelled outright, but the fate of the novel series should be labeled as unknown at this time.
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• 6/28/2014

God's War (Ishinomori's original memos, possible spoilers)

I came across Ishinomori's original planning notes for the arc sometime back, although they're all in Japanese and very fragmentary. It may take a while for translation, and I'm uncertain if they should be widely circulated about. The Italian fanbase for Cyborg 009 had known of these notes for years, but did not like sharing them possibly out of netiquette concern. These memos were published in some limited edition book by Kadokawa years ago, which is how they'd gotten out.
With thumbing through them, I'm wondering if a page or section could be dedicated to the differences between Ishinomori's notes and the posthumous novel and manga. I'd want to respect Ishimori Pro's wishes, though, whatever they'd might be.
From the looks of it, "God's War" had a few of its character-centric chapters completed (if only in draft form), while things like the last battle against the Gods were left unwritten or only had some vague plot/concept notes. Ishinomori was to have World War III and nuclear war going on in the background. The ultimate fate of the team seems to have been the same, although that too is very vague.
It's important to keep in mind how his passing not only resulted in some of the plot having to be altered (the cartoon!Ishinomori was envisioned as a 74-year old man living in the year 2012), but that his timeline for "God's War" also got tweaked due to later events. Since the manga would have been published in 2000, his ideas of what the years 2001-2012 would be like would no longer really apply in the current decade.
From the look of things, the whole controversial "cyborgs get mutilated and physically upgraded first" subplot wasn't anything that was anywhere in Ishinomori's drafts, and that the team would have only gotten their Super Warrior/"Psi-borg" powerups. That, and while 001, 003, and 009 are still the last three left standing in the battle, their final stand against the Gods looks to have been very different in the outline (and of course, the vagueness of the other team members' deaths probably encouraged Onodera and co. to get gruesome)
Ishinomori makes it a point that the characters' names we see in the arc are only pseudonyms as well, and that the "real" 00 team members' names differ greatly from the names we're used to. ie: Jet is not Jet, Francoise is not Francoise, and so on. The only actual name he revealed in the notes would be "Ivan Torsky" for 001 (which Onodera did incorporate into the manga).
It's quite the read. The OVA version is basically an abridged version of some of the chapters that Ishinomori outlined, only adapting from the prologue, Joe's chapter, and then having Ivan power up the rest before they go off to face the Gods. It also appears that the Japanese fanbase was expecting an actual conclusion/follow-up to the OVA (since the three episodes were subtitled "Prologue"), but it never came.
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• 5/12/2014

Dub names and changes

The dub of the 2001 series seems to vary with its accuracy to the original script. However, due to the lack of a proper subtitle track for most episodes, it's difficult to gauge how many episodes strayed entirely (48 was a big example though).
Sony's DVDs and a good deal of subtitles for the early episodes that fans have streamed have "dubtitles": they follow the script for the dub, and have subs for dialogue that was added into scenes that were originally silent. However, these dubtitles also contain lines that were present in the original Toonami airings, but scrubbed out and redubbed in reruns (0010- saying the "Brother from Hell" line, and a few other stronger phrases are present).
The latter half of the series is only available in Hong Kong quality subs. However, due to legality matters, it's not in my interest to link to these here.
What follows are some discrepancies spotted in the dub so far, and some name changes:
- In the original, 0012 was from the Taisho era (1912-1926). A pretty big difference from the Civil War. Her husband probably would have been lost at WW1 in this time, and she apparently died sometime after WW2.
- 002's line of "I could never trust my parents!" was originally "I don't even believe in God!". This might have made the cut in the first Toonami airing, owing to the dubtitles present, but might have been redubbed along with other objectionable dialogue. A line that 002 has towards the end of the series was also changed, where it amounts to being about him not having believed in a God but now feeling the need to pray that he'll succeed in saving 009.
- The English version of "Gimore's Notes" has him say that 003 "is over 80" even though she looks 18. In the Japanese version, he says that she's 19 and there's no "over 80" reference (instead, he refers to her powers). If 003 were captured in the early '60s as implied in the sub version of that episode and "Black Ghost Lives!", her chronological age would be in the 50s range (as would 002).
- The sub identifies Hilda as 004's fiancee, while the English dub refers to her as his wife.
- Aside from Gamo Whisky being renamed "Gamo Asimov", the moment where 001's name is given as "Ivan Whisky" was also not stated in the dub of "Gilmore's Notes".
- The flying eagle robot at the end of the Underground Empire is referred to as "Oedipus" in the dub.
- Two of the Pu'Awak sisters' names are Dinah and Aphro. Tokyopop and the anime dub refer to the first as "Diana", and the anime dub calls the latter "Aphros". The lizard people are also supposed to be called "Zattan"/"Zartan", but the dub calls them "Athans".
- Nicholas was originally "Nichol". They might have slightly extended his name due to it sounding like "Nicole".
- Mai was originally named "Mii". It might have been changed due to the awkwardness of the pronounciation ("me").
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• 4/12/2014

Character Ages between versions

This post has its content sourced from the Japanese wikipedia article on the 009 series, and it might be of some help in creating the articles for the different incarnations of the characters.
Among the fanbase, it's first important to know the terms used for distinguishing each series, and which characters' ages would fall under which.
I'm not certain if Ishinomori's intended ages for the characters all fall in line with the early anime installments, seeing as 007's age was altered. But let's see. 009 and 001 are left out below since their ages always remain the same.
Old Showa ('60s films by Toei, 1968 series): 002 is 22, 003 is 16, 004 is 28, 005 is 31, 006 is given a vague "late 40s", and 008 is 21. 007 becomes 9 due to executives wanting a child on the team.
New Showa (1979 series, Legend of the Super Galaxy): All ages same as above, except 003's age is slightly raised to 17 and 007 (with them no longer going with the kid idea) is stated as "late 40s".
Heisei (2001 series): 002 is de-aged to 18, 003 is now 19, 004's age is slightly raised to 30, 005 loses a few years and becomes 27, 006 and 007 are given more respectively clear-cut ages of 42 and 45, and 008's age is raised to 22.
Then the 2001 series also has 001- 004 debut in the '60s before being put on ice for 40 years, so add more of a gap between them and the others.
I'm not sure if there are any guides stating the ages of the characters in 009 RE: Cyborg, or in Archaia's version. Dr. Gilmore always seems to be set at 63, though (except when we see him younger in the 2001 series' flashbacks).
ETA: Also, while I'm not certain what Ishinomori's original intent would have been for "Conclusion: God's War", it appears the existing novel and manga altered the backstories of the 00 Cyborgs to have their adventures take place in the 21st century (spanning 2005-2011). I don't think any age differences are mentioned on the Wikipedia page, though.
Further edit: Unsure on whether to actually include the '80s film under the "New Showa" continuity. The character designs are different, the feeling is also different, and 004's backstory seems to be updated compared to what was seen in the '79 series. It might be its own oneshot deal, but then, it might not be enough to make separate profiles for the characters that correspond to it.
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• 3/9/2014

Custom Episode Infoboxes and Templates

To differentiate from each show and match or compliment the color schemes of the wiki, custom templates need to be made for each TV series. A film template may need to made also.
Discuss questions and possible schematics below. To new editors: Be sure to use a Sandbox to test your design so this wiki's coding does not get damaged.
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